All Players Roster In Decending Order By Overall

Filter Tips
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Player Name Team NameC L R D CON CK FG DI SK ST EN DU PH FO PA SC DF PS EX LD PO MO OV TASPAgeContractSalaryLink
Mitch MarnerLightningX94.00754392906586898652939281616767894078025110,893,000$Link
Seth JonesBruinsX94.0078458887809693902575488325747470487702759,500,000$Link / NHL Link
Cale MakarPenguinsX84.9777438995679586962580738075616382477702348,900,000$Link / NHL Link
Brayden SchennRangersXXX94.6384768485757785778084877241798383427503036,500,000$Link / NHL Link
Jamie BennBluesXXHO82777179797493749277737361838376297203239,500,000$Link / NHL Link
Mark StoneBlackhawksX85.9565439283817872784185757642717477407203019,500,000$Link / NHL Link
Tyler SeguinBlue JacketsXX92.7877448887747768779175816485787877327203026,850,000$Link / NHL Link
Jordan EberleKingsXX92.6467429380677793783474786366808376347103225,500,000$Link / NHL Link
Samuel GirardAvalancheX78.8175429088628483732566497525666866517002435,000,000$Link / NHL Link
Corey PerryStarsX63.1373577777786591744471746261919973407003711,000,000$Link / NHL Link
Jonas SiegenthalerPanthersX87.5979658276808168622554478925626264416902553,400,000$Link / NHL Link
Ondrej KaseGolden SealsXX76.3767429087706756663071798375626277376902611,500,000$Link / NHL Link
Logan StanleySabresX39.188891787389687357255547842556576324680241900,000$Link / NHL Link
Kasperi KapanenSharksXX91.4579449390716885713672666425666871646802523,200,000$Link / NHL Link
Brendan SmithOilersX89.2181757776766472572548507525757561466603321,100,000$Link / NHL Link
Tyler JohnsonGolden KnightsXXX68.3079438683636467746462626545727867546503123,275,000$Link / NHL Link
Victor RaskKingsXX90.2561419876736281656271726236707171326502922,000,000$Link / NHL Link
Nikolai KnyzhovLowell Devils (SEA)X81.858045807979704063255148752550505056630241850,000$
William BorgenBridgeport Sound Tigers (NYI)X86.359046777577675461255248742548486250630251900,000$Link / NHL Link
Kevin ConnautonManchester Monarchs (NSH)X89.178445967976625457254448682566666057630322762,500$Link / NHL Link
Calle RosenChicago Wolves (QUE)X76.346141927069656963256251692557576241620282762,500$Link / NHL Link
Logan ShawBridgeport Sound Tigers (NYI)XX81.026743957377547261766157782560606647620291750,000$Link / NHL Link
Gabriel DumontGolden SealsXX74.776869646369707266806066656358596545620311700,000$Link / NHL Link
Connor CarrickBridgeport Sound Tigers (NYI)X64.646969697769606159254951664865655946610281750,000$Link / NHL Link
Kieffer BellowsLondon Knights (MON)X75.7788578774726158612574646025525268606102411,200,000$Link / NHL Link
Thomas Harley (R)Golden SealsX91.307343937873637561254848632547475949610202863,333$Link / NHL Link
Joe SnivelyRochester Americans (CHI)X84.145940946764595459257075652545457340600262800,000$Link
Scott Perunovich (R)Drummondville Voltigeurs (WAS)X86.216140877862675176256547612545456043600231700,000$
Beck Malenstyn (R)Binghampton Senators (OTT)XXX91.689396796878536460315058742545456356590242762,500$Link
Alex LimogesSeattle Thunderbirds (PIT)X77.997974925874616162785465666244446452590241780,000$Link / NHL Link
Justin Barron (R)Manitoba Moose (VAN)X87.737872937772575854254845644344445744590202925,000$Link
Kristian ReichelDrummondville Voltigeurs (WAS)X93.027690846768566355255858722545456340580242775,000$Link / NHL Link
Gustav OlofssonHartford Wolf Pack (NYR)X92.927573787273535547253741603944445140550271750,000$Link / NHL Link
Philip Kemp (R)Binghampton Senators (OTT)X66.478076886276535546253541633944445250550231786,667$Link / NHL Link
Blake Speers (R)Victoriaville Tigres (MIW)XX69.257367866867555847504245624355555343530251700,000$Link
Collin Adams (R)Portland Pirates (BUF)X90.397770936770484850504648624644445435530241700,000$
Cooper Zech (R)Worcester Sharks (SJS)X91.387060926760555847253939583744445147530231837,500$Link / NHL Link